Natascha's World Map Center (NW Center)

Spiritual Support

Most popular procedures:


True Love Reading. Made with True Love Tarot cards. Questions about: Love and Friendship are answered here.


Email Reading


We offer email readings. These readings are based on Tarot, Angels, Divination, Oracles and Passion Cards. We can tackle al subjects that you want to cover. These email readings are footsteps to the answers you are looking for.


Telephone Consult

We offer you Telephone Consultation. This consult is based on the cards. While we speak, a map laying is made. A new legging is made for each question. In this way all questions receive specific attention. The leaves that blow in all directions and you do not understand, will have found their place afther the telephone consultation.



NW Center guarantees, quality readings and consultations, reliability (in the capacity on which your reading/consultation is based and confidentiality concerns the information in your reading or your telephone consultation). Everyone active for nwcentre has had to undergo a screening based on skills and clear vision.


Angels Reading. If you have problems or need support, the angels can guide you, answer you and be your guide in your process.

Werewolf Reading. Made with Werewolf cards. Questions about: Divination, Work and Prices are answered here.

Fairy Reading. If you have questions about fertility, there will be clear direct answers from the fairy's.

Shakespeare Reading. If you have questions about someone who has passed away, the shakespeare tarot can be very helpful.

Contact reading. Subject Family, Relations of all kinds.


NW Center uses a Respect Code. Everyone working for NW Center will always act with respect. Both in email readings and also in telephone consultations. This is done with love and people are happy to help you. In return, NW Center requests mutual respect. You will benefit in particular from telephone consultations. Mutual Respect brings a relaxed atmosphere. This is nice, especially since you will always receive clear vision answers. As an advocate of mutual respect, I have implemented this respect code.